Wanted C# Programmer - Unity

2012-08-26 20:51:20 by ampdesigns

I'm going to keep it short and simple.

Grecca Online was at its alpha testing stage, it featured a real-time fighting system, along with a player driven world. Due to complications they lost their programmer along with the code he had authored. Originally it was coded in C++, the rest of the development team remained intact along with their resources.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cob3yNZxTIc&featu re=relmfu

The project is still ongoing, they are looking for someone who can code in unity
like I said, I'd keep it short

If interested please contact

Wanted C# Programmer - Unity

North Korea Propaganda

2012-08-19 15:31:15 by ampdesigns

I came across this the other day, it fuck**g blew my mind


Me painting Live

2012-06-23 16:51:37 by ampdesigns

Watch me paint live and enjoy.

I love NG

2011-12-18 18:58:40 by ampdesigns

NG was first spotted by my eyes in a public library in the year 2001

I've finally committed to being a contributor to this awesome community 10 years later :P ?

holly fucking crap its been 10 years o.o